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On 29.06.2013
Ecilop Eco our first free opened project

Ecilop Flying Camera Team decided to share all drawings and technical documentation of Ecilop Eco model for free. We hope it will help you easy to make your first flying camera model.


Ecilop EcoEcilop Eco is a quadrocopter  developed specially for begginers in aerial photography and video. The wood frame absorbs vibrations and does not pass them to the camera. It is the first commercial model which is using RoControl technology for camera rotation and stabilization controlling. Two axle camera gimbal is integrated into the model. The camera gimbal is attached with a single screw, so you can make test flights without a camera.  We have not set the kit with motors, controllers, screws and other, so you have the freedom to choose them. You can have minimal experience in modeling to assemble the Ecilop Eco model yourself.


Ecilop Eco - RoControlMulticopter swaying does not affect the camera, since the camera rotates leaning against the air and not the multicopter frame. Other camera gimbal types using the frame try to quickly stabilize the camera when tilting takes place, while Ecilop stabilization does that inertially. A lightweight wood frame will not cause a lot of damage in case of crash. Small lightweight propellers cannot cause serious injuries. If the drone falls from the height of several meters, the frame is likely to remain intact. Quick repair of the wood construction is possible in field conditions using super glue. The frame of the drone can be spray-painted into any color. Two people can simultaneously control the drone to ensure professional shooting quality. In the “heading hold” gyroscope mode, the camera will not tilt following an erroneous signal from accelerometers (the second operator can take care of smooth tilting). Both optical and inertial horizon sensors can be used for automatic camera stabilization. Drone elements never appear within the camera’s FOV and do not appear in footage (without a fish-eye lens). The compact drone can quickly maneuver and fly through narrow passages. A lightweight drone does not need heavy and expensive batteries.


  • Full flight weight: under 1 kg
  • Camera stabilization: RoControl with an air engine
  • Camera type: miniature – for instance, GoPro
  • Kit contents: parts for assembling the multicopter frame and the camera mount


Ecilop Eco Drawings >>>
Assembling manuals (soon) >>>
Video instructions for assembly (soon) >>>
Need more help? >>>


  1. Engines (4 pcs) with a static thrust of 500-700 gr each and fixing holes 19 mm
  2. Propellers (4 pcs) a maximum of 10 inches
  3. ESC (4 pcs) 10-15A
  4. Flight controller for quadrocopter (1 pcs) no special requirements
  5. Battery (1 pcs) weight 200-400 gr
  6. Remote control (1pcs) 7-channel or more
  7. Engine (1 pcs) with a static thrust 30-90 gr, 10mm mounting hole and R8.5 mm
  8. Propeller (1 pcs) 2510 or 3020
  9. ESC (1 pcs) 3A
  10. Servos (2 pcs) for helicopter tail and maximum width 13 mm
  11. Gimbal Stabilization Controller (1 pcs)
  12. Action video camera (1 pcs)

An example of a complete set: »

  1. Engines – MT2206-23
  2. Propellers – Slow Fly 8×4.5
  3. ESC – T-motor 10A
  4. Flight controller – DJI NAZA
  5. Battery – 4000 mA/h, 3S, 25C
  6. Remote control – Futaba R6208
  7. Engine (on the beam) – A05 2900 rpm/v
  8. Propeller (on the beam) – 2510
  9. ESC (on the beam) – Plush 6A
  10. Servos – MKS Ds480
  11. Gyroscopes – Mini MEMS
  12. Camera – GoPro-3
  13. Power wires – AWG16
  14. Video transmitter – 5.8gHz, 200mW




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